M33, Innovative methods and techniques in teaching towards sustainable urban development: Summer workshop “Integrative urban design in regeneration of Bač settlement” case, 2012

Image: Process of Integrative urban design game, Photo archive of the workshop: Integrative urban design in urban regeneration of Bač settlement

International conference: Role of Universities and Sustainable Development 2012, autor teksta: Tatjana Mrđenović, www.strand.org.rs


Establishing intellectual and professional clusters between faculties and local communities is one of the priorities of “Europe 2020”. The document promotes “smart growth”, based on innovation respecting other principles of sustainability. The paper will discuss innovation and creativity in sustainable urban paradigm, further exploring it on real case. Starting hypothesis is that innovative methods and techniques can develop new approaches in teaching towards the sustainable clusters. The question is: What are characteristics of new methods for “smart growth”? Although there are many of them in line with sustainability I believe they are one-dimensional. Therefore, paper will seek to define the characteristics for innovative ones that are in line with “smart growth”. The problem and the paper outcomes will be explored on the case Summer workshop: “Integrative urban design in regeneration of Bač settlement”, held at Faculty of Architecture inBelgradein 2011; using observations, questionnaires among students, relevant stakeholders and data analysis.

Key words: methods and techniques in academic teaching, smart growth, creative clusters

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