3D roof modelling for accurate assessment of solar potential

Protic_et_al EUROSUN 2012_4

Protic, D., Kilibarda, M., Vucetic, I., Nestorov, I., 2012, 3D roof modelling for accurate assessment of solar potential, EUROSUN2012 conference, Opatija, Croatia, 18-20 September 2012


It is foreseen to develop a “smart city” service aimed to provide accurate assessment of solar energy potential for buildings under the scope of the iSCOPE “interoperable Smart City services through an Open Platform for urban Ecosystems” (ICT PSP) project funded by the European Commission and “Spatial, environmental, energy and social aspects of developing settlements and climate changes – mutual aspects” project funded by the Serbian Ministry of science. The service will be deployed for the town ofIndjijaas the pilot site. 3D model of roofs is required to serve as the information basis for the service. The paper is describing an efficient automated methodology for generating the 3D model of single-plane and 2-plane roofs from rather coarse DSM (Digital Surface Model) created automatically from stereo-photogrammetry. The assessed accuracy of the generated model is proved to be sufficient for the purpose.

Key words: 3D urban models, solar energy potential assessment, Digital Surface Model, „smart city“ service

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