Super resolution mapping of agricultural parcel boundaries based on localized partial unmixing

Protic, D., Kilibarda, M., Nestorov, I., 2012, Super resolution mapping of agricultural parcel boundaries based on localized partial unmixing, Geodetski list, 2012-21 (u štampi)

Abstract. Operational mapping of crop/agricultural parcel boundaries is a challenging task. It should be efficient and inexpensive process resulting with data useful for wide range of purposes. Hard classification of medium resolution (>15m, <30m) remote sensing data could be a solution but the spatial resolution of the imagery is not sufficient for many applications. In this paper a method for soft classification of medium remote sensing data and super-resolution mapping of crop boundaries is presented. The method is developed based on localized partial unmixing with estimating both target and background end-member spectra. The output was subjected to pixel swapping as super resolution mapping technique. Testing is done on real Landsat ETM+ imagery. The method is evaluated quantitatively and the results show significant increase of accuracy when compared to mapping from original remote sensing data.

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