Rethinking architectural geometry education

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Devetakovic, M. (Serbia), Vörös L. (Hungary) and Lordick, D. (Germany) Rethinking architectural geometry education – Contributions to the GEFFA project, 8th PhD & DLA Symposium, Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University of Pecs, Hungary; Abstract proceedings, pp. 46, ISBN 978-963-7298-48-6

Abstract: This study summarizes selected contributions to the GEFFA (Geometry Education for Future Architects) Project, funded by DAAD (German Agency for Academic Exchange) in 2012. After giving a short overview of critical points of architectural geometry education in recent decades, and introducing the main idea behind the GEFFA project, we present the methodology and the main outcomes of the workshops selected from the program of the GEFFA Summer School realized recently in Rijeka. We particularly analyze possibilities of exchange and future use of a variety of presented concepts and methodologies, as well as potential and limitations of regional cooperation in the field of architectural geometry.


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