The United Nations in the Age of Sustainable Development

“The United Nations in the Age of Sustainable Development”
Vuk Jeremić and Dr. Jeffrey Sachs
U N I T E D N A T I O N S, Office of the President of the General Assembly, The High-Level Advisory Panel

SDSN List of Illustrative Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Goal 1:     End Extreme Poverty Including Hunger
Goal 2:     Achieve Development within Planetary Boundaries
Goal 3:     Ensure Effective Learning for All Children and Youth for Life and Livelihood
Goal 4:     Achieve Gender Equality, Social Inclusion, and Human Rights for All
Goal 5:     Achieve Health and Wellbeing at all Ages
Goal 6:     Improve Agriculture Systems and Raise Rural Prosperity
Goal 7:    Empower Inclusive, Productive, and Resilient Cities
Goal 8:     Curb Human-Induced Climate Change and Ensure Sustainable Energy
Goal 9:     Secure Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity, and Ensure Good Management of Water and Other Natural Resources
Goal 10:     Transform Governance for Sustainable Development

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