Methods and Tools for Urban Waterfront Development

Date: 4th – 8th of November, 2013
Venue: Conference Room of the IAUS, Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning of Serbia, Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra 73/2, 11000 Belgrade


Funded by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service)
Participating institutions:
  • Anhalt University, Germany – Prof. dr Heinrich Haas, Hauser Christine
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Architecture and IAUS, Institute of architecture and Urban Planning, Serbia – Prof. dr Milica Bajic, ISOCARP, dr Mila Pucar, doc. dr Mirjana Devetakovic, assoc. prof. dr Aleksandra Đukić,  dr Tatjana Mrdjenović, Miloš Mihajlović, PhD stud., Višnja Sretović, PhD stud., all members of the TR36035 Project)
  • University of Tirana, Faculty of Architecture (Prof. dr Florian Nepravishta, dr Armand Vokshi, Elton Hala, PhD stud.)
  • University of Podgorica, Faculty of Architecture (Prof. dr Goran Radović, Kosara Kujundzić, PhD stud.)
  • GIZ Belgrade (Harrald Müller)
1. what is urban waterfront development?
   history, development, examples, basics and goals
2. methods and tools for urban waterfront planning
    acteurs and partners, costs, planning steps etc
3. uses by leisure and tourism at urban waterfronts
    benefits by leisure uses, importance of leisure uses, planning for leisure uses etc.
    examples from barcelona and chicago
4. expectation of southeast europe
    danube and sava, cities at the rivers, chances for this cities, historic, economic
    example smederevo
  • Monday, 4th :  arriving in afternoon and first meeting/get together with the participants
  • Tuesday, 5th :  boattrip on Danube to visit the Belgrade waterfront, fieldtrip as practical part
  • Wednesday, 6th: Workshop I with presentations and discussions
  • Thursday, 7th: Workshop II with presentations and discussions
  • Friday, 8th: final conclusion of course and expectation for further common work for urban waterfronts end about 12.00 h.
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