Exhibition – Dialogues in Savamala

Dialogues in Savamala – Exhibition and discussion (videoconference), 2nd of July 2014, at 18.00 CET, MIKSER House, Savamala, Belgrade

The exhibition results from a Workshop titled Savamala incubator – Integral Urban Design in regeneration of Savamala, that took place from 2nd to 6th of June 2014, led by dr Tatjana Mrdjenovic, Belgrade Faculty of Architecture.  It is realised in partnership with MIXER organisation (http://en.blog.mikser.rs/about) regionally well known for its success in regeneration of Savamala quarter in central Belgrade. The colleagues from OIKONET are kindly invited to attend the event through the videoconference (90 min).


  • Dr Mirjana Devetaković, Intro 5 min
  • Dr Leandro Madrazo – OIKONET Intro, 5 min
  • Maja Lalić (founder) – The MIKSER organization in the process of urban regeneration of Savamala, impact on housing, 10 min
  • Dr Tatjana Mrđenović – Savamala Incubator Workshop, 10 min
  • Students’ presentations and discussion (6 groups x 5 min of presentation + possible discussion with OIKONET members)
All student group and individual works will be available within the Workspace titled: 
Integrative urban design in urban regeneration: Savamala case 

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