M33, Urban Design and Urban Planning in Dynamic Global Positioning of Local Identities, 2011


REAL CORP 2011 Proceedings: Change for stability: Lifecycles of cities and regions – The role and possibilities of foresightes planning in transformation, autor teksta: Tatjana Mrđenović

autori modela na slici Uroš Radosavljević, Tatjana Mrđenović, Jovana Pavić; rađenog u okviru Plana za turističko aktiviranje Golubačke tvrđave (autori: Uroš Radosavljević, Tatjana Mrđenović, Jovana Pavić, Stefan Krell


The paper will discuss new role of urban design in dynamic changing circumtances where identity, flexibility and openes to change is key factor for development. The problem is how to integrate creativity of urban design into wider decision making process that is framed by urban planning. Theoretical problem is framed by collaborative and rational paradigm in urban decision making process and their relation to urban design and urban planning. The aim of the paper is to elaborate positive and negative elements of two paradigms searching for the means of integration. Expected result of the paper is to define principles of integration between two disciplines towards  promotion of local identities into dynamic global positioning. Case study of the Plan for Tourist Valorization of Golubac fortress is a method that will support theoretical dicsussion towards final conclusion.

key words: urban design, urban planning, global dynamics

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