M33, Integrative urban design game as a method for creating liveable urban ambients, 2012

međunarodna konferencija REAL CORP 2012, autor teksta Tatjana Mrđenović


Complexity of urban environments implies new methods that can design urban ambients in reliance and sustainable manner. This means that urban design and urban planning must work together in order to achieve flexibility and livable urban ambients in the process of sustainable urban regeneration. Problem and research questions that guide this work are: How to achieve this kind of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and participative cooperation? Is it possible to overcome main obstacles of interest based urban development? Do traditional methods of urban design and urban planning can achieve the integration? The aim of the paper is to discuss Integral urban design game, applied on the Bač Fortress Suburbium case, as a method that can frame and integrate different rationalities into a coherent future. Different rationalities come from variety of actors and stakeholders in the community that are carriers of urban vitality and identity. The hypothesis is that the method is in the relation with local context and level of social capital in local communities. Therefore, the expected results of the paper will (dis)prove the integrative “power” of the method using questioners as a research method for different group of stakeholders.

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