B.Bajat, N. Krunić, M.Kilibarda, (2011) Dasymetric mapping of spatial distribution of population in Timok Region, Proceedings of International Scientific Conference Professional Practice and Education in Geodesy And Related Fields, 24th-26th Jun 2011, Kladovo, Serbia. pp 30-34. ISBN: 978-86-7518-135-4

Dasymetric mapping of population distribution represents very functional visualization method used in spatial demographic analysis. The main advantage of dasymetric mapping over standardized cartographic methods (choropleth maps) used for population density mapping is its ability to realistically place population data over predefined geographic space. The application of dasymetric population mapping becomes wider with the expansion of powerful and efficient GIS tools and accessible public domain spatial data bases on the WEB. In the work presented in this paper, spatial distribution of population was modeled by using three class model of dasymetric mapping. Census data of the year 2002 were deaggregated by utilization of CORINE 2000 land cover data as ancillary predictors. The eastern part of Republic of Serbia, actually Timok Region was used as a case study area in this research.

Bajat et al

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