Milan Kilibarda, Milutin Pejović (2011), Application of opensource/free software (R + Google Earth) in designing 2D geodetic control network, Proceedings of International Scientific Conference Professional Practice and Education in Geodesy And Related Fields, 24th-26th Jun 2011, Kladovo, Serbia. pp 216-221. ISBN: 978-86-7518-135-4

A geodetic network design process consists of the design of network geometry and optimal observational plan. Thus, the aim of the network designing is to provide parameters which describe the survey measurements realization necessary to fulfill project requirements. Application of open source/free software (R+Google Earth) in the network design process offers the possibility of calculation and visual presentation of the results. The R software gives possibility to calculate and store results in spatial data format. Spatial data format is possible to be exported in many GIS formats, such as KML. The results in KML format could be represented in the virtual globe Google Earth. The methodology is organized into three segments: 1) the design of network geometry and plan of observables (observational plan) in Google Earth; 2) the calculation of the project parameters based on the network geometry, plan of observables and available equipment standards; and 3) interactive visual presentation of the results in Google Earth.

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