Ivan Nestorov, Dragutin Protić, Milan Kilibarda (2011) Towards energy-efficient society: an example of “smart city service”, Proceedings of International Scientific Conference Professional Practice and Education in Geodesy And Related Fields, 24th-26th Jun 2011, Kladovo, Serbia. pp 117-121. ISBN: 978-86-7518-135-4

There is a clear need for “Urban Information Models”. They are essential to create new smarter services capable to promote higher quality services and to improve decision-making processes in cities. The “Smart city services” that address and support energy-efficiency and sustainable urban development are of a special importance and interest. A “smart city service” project aimed to provide the information on energy-efficiency of buildings and assessment of solar energy production capabilities is being developed with support of Serbian ministry of science. The basis of the service is 3D urban model. The 3D environment needs to be created from real-world geospatial information in order to guarantee relevance and accuracy in the simulation. A Method of creating a 3D model of roofs from Digital Surface Model (DSM) is presented.

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