Nenković-Riznić, M. (2011): „Еconomic and social parameters in choosing the location for recycling facilities and buyback centers“, Conference proceeding of 1st International conference of urban areas – URBANECO 2011, Zrenjanin, p.p. 286-295, ISBN 978-86-7672-145-0

Municipal structure, such as recycling facility, must be designed according to the long-term needs, and not only the existing ones. This is because the projects of this kind usually have investment return period of 5 to 10 years. It is recommended that the location infrastructure is previously prepared, which lowers the initial costs. Optimal location is the location which completely or partially conforms to the local needs. This means that it is necessary to analyze all of the inherent characteristics of possible locations to ensure that the most appropriate location is designated for this purpose. This paper will present the method of choosing the location for recycling facility using SWOT and SCBA (Social Cost Benefit Analysis) on the example of New Belgrade. Also, paper will present results of the survey conducted on 2300 of New Belgrade inhabitants about location and possibilities of municipal solid waste elimination.
Key words: materials recovery facility, economic parameters, SWOT and Social Cost Benefit Analysis (SCBA), New Belgrade

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