Nenković-Riznić, M.(2011): „New approaches in rural municipal waste development“, International conference „RECYCLING TECHNOLOGIES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT“, Technical faculty, University of Bor, Conference proceedings, pp.553-563 ISBN 978-86-80987-73-6

The problem of waste management in rural areas has not been the subject of detailed specific, since most of the research has been directed towards the study of means, mechanisms and procedures of waste elimination in urban environments. The application of these findings could only be partially utilized regarding the rural areas. However, the local demand the development and application of different methodologies for rural waste evacuation. The main reason for the reduced scope of research in this field lies in the fact that villages are not “grateful” subjects because of the usual deficiency of specific data. Added to that, for several decades villages eliminated waste primarily spontaneously, this has proven difficult to research because of the variations of methods applied to each specific locale, and the different environmental variables. This paper will present the main research guidelines for the study of the waste elimination mechanisms in rural environments, using using the examples of worldwide practices and a presentation of specific research in the villages of Stara planina
Keywords: waste management, rural settlements, the new methodology, the villages of Stara Planina

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