New methodologies of solid waste management in tourist resorts of Serbia in terms of sustainable development

Nenković-Riznić M., Pucar M.(2011): „New methodologies of solid waste management in tourist resorts of  Serbia in terms of sustainable development“, MACDES 2011, Procedeeings form International confrerence, Cuba, Havana, 2011

The paper will present the results of adapting the European methodology for calculating the amount of municipal waste and defining the ways of collecting, transporting and processing waste in the tourist resorts in Serbia. Also, it proposes defined and clear guidelines and methodology for the development of the waste management implementation program in Serbian tourist resorts. The paper bases its stands on positive local experiences, as well as experiences from countries on similar development levels like Serbia. The paper will also review the new trends in solid waste management, which modified and adapted to local conditions can be applied to the territories of Serbia’s tourist resorts, and the results conducted through several researches on Serbian tourist villages in waste management application. The paper also gives a detailed new methodology for landfill siting in rural tourist regions, based on the experience of three villages in the Nature Park Stara Planina.
Keywords: new methodology, program implementation, tourist resorts of Serbia, waste management.

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